GIS/GPS mobile solution for collecting field data

INS has developed .NET mobile GIS application, which works on Microsoft Windows Mobile OS, and its purpose is collecting field data. Application is installed on GPS device “Nomad” and communicates with the Geo DataBase. Advantage of the solution is support for OGC GML standard, and have user interface on Macedonian language.

FieldGIS is intuitive, and in the same time advanced mobile application. Big advantage is simple integration with other spatial data that municipal have. Every user can create its own project for mapping and collecting data. If the user wants to create new project with new layers from scratch, just need to press “Add new layer”. Besides the user can use existing data layer, there is an option to create new layer with required geography (point, line or polygon) and attributes directly on users’ location. Moreover, there is big number of already preinstalled symbols, but if user wants, he can create a new one. All layers can be combined, reordered, and shown on the map. FieldGIS support vector and raster data.

Besides standard functionalities like zoom in/out, pan, info, search, select, measure of length, distance, area, and fix XY coordinates, there is support for advanced GIS functionalities. FieldGIS can make advanced GIS spatial analysis, draw data directly in real time, edit existing data and synchronizing with the data base. If the data have attributes, they can be shown on the map. Moreover, attributes are available in table view, but can be exported in Excel for further analysis. It is also compatible with Microsoft Word. FieldGIS is fully compatible with QGIS desktop application, and the data can be easily transferred to QGIS.

“Nomad” device have digital camera for documentation the spatial data. Also, there is bar code scanner, for easily documentation of the urban inventory (candelabras, bins, benches, billboards, etc).