INS signed "Business Partner Agreement" with HandheldGroup

In order to expand our portfolio, INS signed a partnership agreement for representation with HandheldGroup, a world famous supplier of rugged tablet computers, PDA and GPS devices, with headquarters and manufacturing in Sweden. With this agreement we are official representatives of Handheld products in Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

The HandHeld products have a wide range of use in field work, accurate measurements, inventorization, e-Ticketing, as well as many other applications. With more than 20 years of experience, Handheld has one of the world's leading positions and successful applications in almost every type of industry and business. Handheld products are known for their quality, high performance and durability in most extreme conditions for different types of field applications.

Regarding the requirements for design and optimization of wireless networks, INS offers geographic raster data widely known as landuse or landcover, containing the morphology or clutter classes for cities in Macedonia and the whole country.

INS with its rich experience in developing mobile GIS / GPS applications for mapping, enriches the application of these devices. Our applied mobile solutions in combination with Handheld devices are used in various types of industries such as: local government, agriculture and forestry, logistics, public transport, defense, etc.. Thus we contribute to improving productivity and efficiency in field work.