Sk2Go on Skopje Kreativa 2014

Intelligent Network Solutions (INS) is pleased to announce that Sk2Go is available for download. Sk2Go, the new mobile tourist guide app, was presented on the "Skopje Kreativa" event held at the Universal Hall.

Sk2Go is built to help you organise your stay in Skopje better, and show you how to make the best out of it. It is built upon a background database of over 1300 locations like coffee shops, clubs, restaurants, museums, historical sites etc, which makes it a perfect source of informations for whatever you might need as a visitor to our capital. Our team involved developers, designers, artists and historians, engineers and painters, CEO's and students, all with a common goal - to gather all this expirience and expertise into one focal point which is Sk2Go, the one app you need for your stay in Skopje.