Clutter for 13 cities - VIP Operator Geodata

INS has developed .NET mobile GIS application, which works on Microsoft Windows Mobile OS, and its purpose is collecting field data.

Application is installed on GPS device “Nomad” and communicates with the Geo DataBase. Advantage of the solution is support for OGC GML standard, and have user interface on Macedonian language.

Regarding the requirements for design and optimization of wireless networks, INS offers geographic raster data widely known as landuse or landcover, containing the morphology or clutter classes for cities in Macedonia and the whole country.

These digital maps are used in all of today's state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) propagation tools to model path loss, signal attenuation, optimization and frequency reuse.

As it is well known, a system designed with accurate geo-data results in both lower costs for infrastructure and drive testing, as well as more reliable performance, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction.